Moving on from WEBMU

The Whiny Expat Bloggers Meet-Up has been an annual treat for us, through which we’ve met fantastic people and explored areas (sometimes new, sometimes familiar) through a local’s eyes. In the last few years, we’ve taken on an organizational role, helping the hosts execute the event, lending guidance and fomenting discussion. However, this feels like the right time for us to step back.

We’re open to attending future meetups, but WEBMU needs a new driver if it is to continue. We’d be happy to hand over the existing resources (blog, FB and forums) to anyone who wants to carry on. Or maybe WEBMU will continue under someone else’s auspices, but in a different form. If you’d like to try giving WEBMU a facelift, go for it. Contact either of us via any of the methods listed here. And if there’s no interest, we’ll eventually shut down the meetup’s online presence.

It’s been a good run, and lots of fun, and we still have and value friends we made through WEBMU. Thanks to everyone who has participated and made it so special!

Cliff & Sarah of

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Nürnberg, September 12-14th: WEBMU 2014

203px-Frankenwappen_Osterbrunnen_EbermannstadtEaster has come and gone. Although if you subscribe to the German holiday calendar, you’re likely still celebrating a final day off before the long stretch of [insert gasp here] NINE WHOLE DAYS until another bank holiday. That’s when grocery shoppers nation-wide simulate a Lebensmittel Angebot/Nachfrage Krise and confound foreign residents and visitors. 1

Meh. At least we have:

  1. Riots to watch on TV.
  2. A perfectly reasonable chance to stretch May 1st into another nice long weekend.
  3. Something to look forward to: WEBMU 2014 in Nürnberg (that’s Nuremberg for those of us who prefer to use the English names of foreign cities).

That’s right — yesterday the polls for voting on which weekend we’ll have our annual meetup closed and

September 12-14th, 2014

eked out ahead of the two other weekends. Your hosting committee will seek your input and publish agenda points for the weekend soon. Stay abreast of the plans via and see you in September!

  1. Because their home countries have their own Labor Day in a completely different quadrant of the Earth’s loop around the sun. []
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WEBMU 2014 in Nürnberg, but when?

We’re having our meetup in Nuremberg this year. We decided that at the end of March via our usual democratic methods of having a poll in our discussion forum.

That’s the WHERE. Next up is the WHEN.

The bloggers behind Resident on Earth, Doin’ Time on the Donau, and the Regensblog have put their heads and calendars together and come up with some weekends for you to choose from.

Image courtesy of Alexander Kaiser

Nürnberger Sausages, courtesy of Alexander Kaiser

Head over to our discussion forum and vote for any/all weekends that would work for you. Not yet a member there? No sweat, just follow us on Twitter and send us a tweet @ExpatBloggersDE to disclose an email address you’ll use for forums registration and we’ll invite you. Already know a member of our forums? Any forum member can also send you an invitation.

See you there!

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WEBMU 2014 Location Voting

The polls are open!

There are many more items on the menu this year than last year or the year before — head over to our forums and lurk, if that’s your thing, or better yet, deposit your zwei Cent.

Want access to the forums? Contact an existing member you know and ask for an invitation. Don’t know any existing members? Easy, just send a direct message on Twitter to @ExpatBloggersDE and ask for one. We’ll hook you up.

Voting ends at the end of the month. After we pick a location, the city’s host (or hosting committee as appropriate) will offer one or more weekends for us to choose from.

Step right up and cast your vote!

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Whoa, look at the time!

It’s February already. We were so caught up in the coolness of last year’s WEBMU field trip to Prague that

  • We forgot a write-up about it here.
  • We abandoned this blog completely.

Oops. Sorry about that!

Well, anyway, where do you want to go this year? Hit up our forums and posit some ideas about

  • where you’d like to meet up.
  • when you’d like to meet up.
  • what you’d like to do on a meetup weekend1.

Don’t forget: you live in Germany. It’s never to early to schedule a couple days off.

  1. in addition to the usual laughing and strolling and noshing and sloshing, natch. []
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WEBMU 2013 will be in Prague!

After a slow start out the gate this year — probably because WEBMU 2012 in Berlin was so awesome. Thanks once again to Snooker in Berlin and Deputy No for all their hard work in making us feel very welcome and utterly spoiled while in the nation’s capital.

It kind of felt like Where does WEBMU go from here? We’ve done it in many different corners of Germany:

  • the Middle, early on
  • the East
  • the North, a few times
  • the South
  • the West, and finally
  • die Hauptstadt, last year

This is not to say that there is nothing left in Germany to be explored (quite the contrary: the Southeast beckons, and what about Franken, or someplace coastal?), but maybe the lack of enthusiasm earlier this year during our typical voting phase results from having done this more than a few times already.

So why not ein Bisschen über den Tellerrand hinaus schauen?

Prague seemed to garner the most interest, and several forum members have volunteered their expertise in setting up the agenda. So let’s do it! WEBMU 2013 will be in Prague September 20th through 22nd.

Hit our discussion forum for more details as they unfold:

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Welcome to 2013 and discussion about membership

Welcome to 2013, everyone!

OK, yeah, it’s past Valentine’s Day already. Experience shows that it’s part of our yearly cycle to get back to normal life in Germany around now, following holiday travel plans, recovering from Silvester, and…getting back to work.

But this year there’s a little unfinished business from the end of the WEBMU last year at Frida Kahlo in Berlin. Some members proposed some changes to our membership rules, forum discussions, and potentially even our name.

We’re discussing the matter — where else? — in our discussion forum. If you’re a WEBMU member (even if you’ve never been to meetup, or it’s been awhile since your last one), please

  1. click over to that thread
  2. share your opinion there by March 1st
  3. spread the word that the discussion is happening


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Thank you, Berlin!

So, it’s been about a week since the English-language expatriate bloggers converged upon Germany’s capital for a few days of laughter, good eats, and exploring the area. This year’s hosts — Snooker in Berlin and Mandi of No Apathy Allowed — did a fantastic job of pre-event planning and last-minute shepherding as the group made its way around East Berlin’s neighborhoods.

But this year, Snooker and her wife (and WEBMU Deputy) Sweet No went above and beyond all rational expectations for hosting an event like this. They got Berlin-area businesses to give us cool Berlin-themed presents! Here’s a quote:

When I told her that the WEBMU was coming to Berlin and that I would be on the organizing committee, she really didn’t look incredibly enthused. Not being an expat, she doesn’t completely understand the desire to be amongst people of your own “kind”.

But I must say that she liked the idea of the organization of the event. I tentatively asked for her help in dealing with some reservations, and she simply asked for a list of who, what, when, and where. Once she had agreed to help, I should have given her a silver star to denote her new-found deputy status. One day I casually mentioned that we needed a WEBMU bag, and some things to put in it. Well, I was thinking about a printed schedule, maybe a city map, surely a public transportation grid would be helpful, and anything else she could think of. OH, well THIS sounded like much more fun to her. She LOVES to do this kind of thing, communicating often with companies to let them know of her disapproval or gratitude as it suits her. (Someday remind me to tell you what happened when Haribo released a “new and improved” Gummi Bear!!)

The next thing I knew, she was writing to companies like Deutsch Perfekt, ExBerliner, Starbucks, Cinestar, etc. Telling them that we were going to have a blogger event and wouldn’t they like to belly up with some nice freebies for some crazy bloggers. I quietly shook my head and wished her luck. She pushed a poor KaDeWe Praktikantin to the edge with requests for the one bag I really wanted… the KaDeWe black canvas bag. In the end the young lady simply could not make it happen, but did offer a city map with a 10% discount card for Europe’s most famous department store.

Read all about Sweet No’s passion for bending businesses big and small to her consumer will on Snooker in Berlin’s blog.

Got a reaction to WEBMU 2012 in Berlin? Leave a comment here and/or link to your own post about it!

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WEBMU 2012 in Berlin: Schedule of Events

The great unveiling: WEBMU 2012 in Berlin hostess Snooker has published the detailed agenda for our annual English-language blogger meetup weekend September 7th-9th (and even some extras on the 6th to get the ball rolling). Lots of fun stuff ahead — and all of it optional. You can mix-and-match your weekend according to your fancy:

  • only-in-Berlin dining options
  • tours & museums
  • night life

Check out the details in our discussion forum, and then confirm which events you’ll attend. It’s not too late to sign up and join in, but we need to firm up our reservations and time is running out.

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All Manner of Berlin Transit for WEBMU 2012

We’re getting ever closer to the big weekend! Your hostesses Snooker in Berlin and Mandi of NoApathyAllowed have put a couple of helpful topics up in our discussion forum.


Mandi suggests a Sunday morning jog along a favorite route to get the juices flowing prior to the farewell brunch.

Public (and private) Transit

Snooker has laid it all out there in detail — planes, trains and automobiles — for all your arrival and getting-around needs.

If you’re an expatriate in Germany who blogs in English, head over to the discussion forum to get all the dirt on our annual meetup in Berlin in September. The meetup planning stuff is stashed away in a secret place on the board shown only to approved members. If you’re new to our forum, make sure to apply for membership and include a blurb about where you live in Germany (roughly) and what your blog’s URL is. See you there!

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